CEO Insights

Click below to hear member CEOs share invaluable personal insights about corporate generosity. 

Rick Jackson Shares Why He Founded goBeyondProfit

Rick Jackson, the CEO and Chairman of Jackson Healthcare shares why he launched goBeyondProfit – a fully funded venture for his peers and their companies. He believes that goBeyondProfit offers a tremendous opportunity for business leaders to learn from each other and make an even bigger impact in the communities where they live, work and serve.

Juanita Powell Baranco Shares Why She is A Founding Member

Juanita Powell Baranco shares why she believes every business leader should join in this commitment to strengthen our communities ”The minute I heard about it, the minute I understood the goals and aspirations of this organization, I signed on immediately. It did not take long because I absolutely believe that every aspect of our economy, every aspect of our society – education, health, you need that business input. You need the thought processes of business. Your voice is absolutely needed”

Paul Bowers discussing why Georgia Power believes in corporate generosity

“We’re bigger than that bottom line number because we are making things better and we are empowering our team to get engaged and ensure that everyone has an opportunity.” Paul Bowers discusses how Georgia Power has built a culture of generosity and giving back to the state of Georgia.

Millard Choate on Business Benefits to Giving Back

Millard Choate of Choate Construction Company explains why he thinks every business in Georgia should take the pledge to goBeyondProfit. Corporate philanthropy not only benefits your community, but also benefits your employees and bottom-line.

Bernie Marcus on Corporate Philanthropy

We had the opportunity to sit down with a great example of this progression — The Home Depot co-founder, Bernie Marcus. While many people know about the personal philanthropic efforts of Bernie & Billie Marcus, and stakeholders touched by The Home Depot know the company’s incredible community impact, few have heard the story of how it all began or why it flourished.