Georgia’s Businesses are Committed to Operating Generously

We are pleased to release this annual In Good Company Report honoring the 2,057 owners, operators, founders, and chief executives who have pledged to go beyond profit and improve lives in Georgia. 

As we welcome this new year, we recognize that economic uncertainties intensify the hope that companies will maintain their commitment to operate generously. See the full list of companies here:

The In Good Company Report lists those companies who demonstrate business generosity in a variety of ways such as:

  • Fulfilling a purpose beyond profit that motivates employees and increases loyalty among suppliers and customers.
  • Connecting company values with daily company culture, affecting everything from operations to hiring and employee care.
  • Dedicating resources to care for all stakeholders with meaningful action.
  • Expanding opportunity for underserved communities with apprenticeships, internships and vendor selection.

goBeyondProfit companies find increasing ROI for their business generosity efforts.

At the time of our first In Good Company Report in 2019 only 43% of Georgia executives we surveyed said that generosity significantly impacted core financial measures and only 47% of Georgia employees named generosity as a factor when deciding where to work. That has dramatically changed today.

Whatever this year brings, we know the companies listed here will continue to make Georgia and the world a better place as they fulfill their commitment to go beyond profit.

This In Good Company Report is just one way that goBeyondProfit recognizes Georgia business generosity in action. The momentum is great and the invitation is open for every Georgia business to join this impressive network.