Simple Year-end Action Allows Businesses to Improve Rural Healthcare without Cost

December 5, 2019

The goBeyondProfit initiative shares Georgia businesses’ interest in understanding the state’s social needs and finding clear and actionable solutions to them.  Consequently, it is highlighting a year-end opportunity that allows businesses and individuals to address the crisis in rural healthcare with a simple tax credit contribution that costs them nothing.

For many years, Georgia’s rural hospitals have been facing a financial crisis due to demographic, economic, and health care industry challenges. Since 2001, eight rural hospitals have closed, making healthcare delivery a daily challenge for Georgia families.  Consequently, rural Georgians are experiencing higher rates of chronic disease and shorter life expectancies.

In response, lawmakers enacted an annual $60 million rural hospital income tax credit program, effective January 1, 2017, in which businesses and individuals can participate at no cost.

The Georgia HEART Rural Hospital Tax Credit Program allows participants to contribute funds to qualified rural hospitals in exchange for a 100% Georgia income tax credit. 

“The process is simple: Apply online (it takes 20 seconds). Contribute. Receive a 100% state income tax credit,” explains Rosalyn Merrick, HEART’s Director of Stakeholder Engagement.

Specifically, Georgians submit a simple 2019 HEART Tax Credit application at Georgia HEART sends notifications of all remaining steps from making a payment, to claiming the credit on the 2019 Georgia income tax return.
In addition, for “C” corporations and some pass-through businesses, the contribution will constitute an ordinary and necessary business expense, which will provide a federal income tax benefit. Businesses can contact the Georgia HEART Team at with any questions.

At no cost, participants in the HEART tax credit program will help increase access to quality healthcare for their neighbors throughout Georgia.