As a local business executive or business owner, it’s highly likely that your people and your community look to you to help solve local problems. Yet it’s hard to know:

  • What really are the local needs in Athens?
  • Who are the experts doing a good job of solving the problems?
  • What’s the most effective way for my business to play a small part?
  • Can I collaborate with others businesses to help?

If you find yourself asking any of these questions, RSVP below for answers and insights from fellow Athens business leaders.

Hear about a tested, award-winning model where businesses tackle issues together – partnering in solving problems and enjoying positive brand halo from being known as Athens companies that care.

Thursday, February 25 at 1PM via Zoom.

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Be recognized as a company that cares.

Together, goBeyondProfit companies
pledge and aspire to:

  1. Leverage company resources to further benefit the community
  2. Offer employees opportunities to volunteer and support community needs
  3. Contribute financial resources to initiatives supporting communities
  4. Encourage a company culture of giving back

goBeyondProfit is a no cost resource. Launched by business leaders, for business leaders – every Georgia business is invited to join.

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