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CEO Deep Dive
Uncovering Purpose for Outsized Results
Jeff Hilimire
Co-Founder & CEO, Purpose Group
CEO Deep Dive
The Road Map from Start-Up to Purposeful Profit
Richard Simms
CEO, Tyrannosaurus Tech
CEO Deep Dive
Catering to the Needs of the Community
Rashe Malcolm
Founder and Owner, Rashe's Cuisine
Champion Interview
Balancing consistency with innovation: Durable values are key to more than a century of success
Jill Campbell
EVP and Chief of People & Operations, Cox Enterprises
CEO Deep Dive
Stakeholder Capitalism: A Way of Life for Local Business
Bob Googe
CEO, Jittery Joe's Coffee
CEO Deep Dive
One Local Farm’s Experiments with Flexibility
Staci Willson
Creative Director, Sunnyland Farms
CEO Deep Dive
Colony Bank Dares to Lead Differently
Heath Fountain
CEO, Colony Bank
CEO Deep Dive
Integrity at the core of small business generosity
Jud Savelle
President, Bishop Clean Care
CEO Deep Dive
Generosity-based approaches to weather the “Great Resignation”
Valarie Wright Mackey
CEO, Wright Now Solutions
CEO Deep Dive
One Restauranteur’s Effort to Combat Food Insecurity
Jenny Levison
Owner, Souper Jenny
CEO Deep Dive
The case for helping employees experience the joy of giving
Stephen Kump
CEO, CharityVest
CEO Deep Dive
Delivering Net Benefit for Business, Employees and Community
Jon Williams
CEO, Better Communities Collaborative
CEO Deep Dive
What Chief Executives need to get right, right now.
Chloe Barzey
Managing Director, Accenture
CEO Deep Dive
Inspire Brands CEO achieves growth while strengthening relationships
Paul Brown
CEO, Inspire Brands
CEO Deep Dive
CEO in Seconds; More than Ready to Lead
Kristen Cavallo
CEO, The Martin Agency
CEO Deep Dive
Creating a company culture that elevates employees’ passions
Nigel Zelcer
Partner/Co-Founder, Jabian Consulting
CEO Deep Dive
An entrepreneur’s take on the vital role business plays within healthy communities
Ira Jackson
President, Perfect Image
Champion Interview
Consistent Citizenship Builds Respect and Trust
Dan Amos
CEO, Aflac
CEO Deep Dive
Snack food company finds purpose a key ingredient for success
Maggie Patton
Co-Founder, Bitsy's
CEO Deep Dive
Impact Award-winning company outlines actions toward a brighter, greener future
Pete Davis
Co-founder & CEO, GreenPrint
Champion Interview
Solving Local Problems with Small Business Super Powers
Jon Williams
CEO, W&A Engineering
CEO Deep Dive
B Corp framework helps software consultancy realize a profitable purpose
Jeff Jones
President, Ad Victoriam
CEO Deep Dive
YKK unzips the competitive advantage of relentlessly benefiting others
Jim Reed
President, YKK Corporation of America
Enhancing the lives of customers and employees
Venessa Harrison
President, AT&T Georgia
ROI for corporate giving
Rick Jackson
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jackson Healthcare
Journey to build a culture
Shane Jackson
President, Jackson Healthcare
Serve the greater good in the community with expertise
John Deushane
President & General Manager, 11Alive
Support systems and skills building changes lives
Ayal Latz
President & Owner, a2b Fulfillment
Contributing knowledge and a new path for prisoners
Chris Spears
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Technologist, Arke
Angel Flight effort provides life changing medical spport
Bert Light
Owner, Artlite Office Supply Co.
Community involvement as central tenant to company culture
Brittain Prigge
President, Balentine
Look for unique ways to serve from within
Will Eckerson
COO, Bennett Thrasher
Lifting the entire company and community together
Millard Choate
Chairman and CEO, Choate Construction
Connecting with community
Bob Matthews
Chairman & CEO, Colliers International
Making time more meaningful
Hamilton Powell
Found & CEO, Crown & Caliber
Probono skills to meet direct Westside Atlanta needs
Eric Tanenblatt
Global Chair, Dentons
Embedded in the culture; Defining who we are
Ed Bastian
CEO, Delta Air Lines
Volunteering as near and dear to company culture
Mike Russell
President, ETS Solutions
Contributing business skills to empower women
Danica Kombol
President, Everywhere Agency
Stakeholder Capitalism as the Great Reset
Alan Murray
What breaks your heart and gives you purpose?
Paul Bowers
Chairman and CEO, Georgia Power
Goodsteps believes in the power of purposeful purchases
Alice Brown
Founder, Goodsteps
Show up and lead
H. Jerome Russell, Jr.
President, H.J. Russell & Company
Doing good is your legacy as a leader
Bob Hope
President & Co-Founder, Hope-Beckman Inc.
Providing on-site skills training and hope
Nneka Brown
Founder & CEO, Innovative Supplies
The better you make the community the further everyone goes
Nigel Zelcer
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Jabian Consultung
Core values drive decades of involvement in the community
Sandy Garrett
President, Jackson & Coker
More than profitability drives sustainability
Dan Kaufman
Regional President, JE Dunn Construction
Regardless of the company size serving brings success
Kathryn Petralia
Co-Founder & President, Kabbage
Access to care with mobile health
Jim Simpson
President, Kaiser Permanente
Ensuring brighter futures for children
Anastasia Falconio
Chief People Officer, Kids II
Active citizenship to solving need and inspire employees
Tamara Caldas
Pro Bono Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend
Boosting childhood literacy
Milford McGuirt
Office Manager Partner, KPMG
Leveraging Telemedicine and expertise to connect kids to urgent care
Chris Franklin
President, LocumTenens
Aligning business expertise with critical needs
Jeff Felton
CEO, Logisticare
In every company there's talents others need
Katie Kern
Partner & COO Media, Global Frenzy
Helping prevent food allergies
JJ Jaxon
Co-Founder, Mission MightMe
How an Employee Volunteer Program reinvests talent
Moira Vetter
Founder & CEO, Modo Modo Agency
Pivoting to focus on economic empowerment
Dan Reardon
CEO, North Highland
Breaking down barriers and serving with heart
Stanford Phillips
Co-President, Northwest Exterminating
Mission to create accessible playgrounds
John Gleason, MD
Co-President, Resurgens Orthopaedics
Introducing students to the field of technology
Monty Hamilton
CEO, Rural Sourcing
Advocating for young women in design and architecture
Malory Atkinson
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Shear Structural
Empowering people through experiential training
Denise Quarles
Cities Executive, Siemens
Connecting on a personal level with causes you care about
Blair Cunningham
Partner, SignatureFD
Soloentrepreneurs making big impact with expertise
Kristi Porter
Chief Do-Gooder, Signify
ROL - return on life as important as ROI
Josh Moffitt
President & CEO, Silverton Mortgage
Insure the Cure for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Clay Snellings
CEO, Snellings Walters Insurance Agency
Inviting customers to serve with you
Jenny Levison
Founder & Owner, Souper Jenny
A restored smile brings hope and inspiration
Dr. Joe Peluso
Owner & Clinical Manager, Spotlight Dental
Employees want a life as well as a living
Frank Blake
Retired CEO & Chairman, The Home Depot
Corporate giving as integral to The Home Depot's success
Bernie Marcus
Co-Founder, The Home Depot
Giving your people the "why" that inspires their work
Jackson Houk
Managing Partner, three
Grounded to really meet local needs
Bruce Ford
President, Transwestern
Helping your people dive into their passions through volunteerism
Tino Mantella
President & CEO, Turknett Leadership Group
CEO Deep Dive
Logistics & Supply Chain as a starting place for real change in the world
Enrique Alvarez
Co-Founder, Vector Global Logistics