Exclusive Events

goBeyondProfit Members receive invitations to exclusive gatherings of peers to learn from each other and hopefully inspire one another on their leadership journey.  In 2019, 100% of survey respondents declared the October CEO Forum valuable and worth their time.

Click the videos below for highlights of previous events.

goBeyondProfit CEO Forum hosted at Inspire Brands

Purpose and generosity are today’s business imperatives driven by demands from employees and customers alike. Hear from leading business minds the practical ways corporate generosity has evolved to meet the changing needs of everyday business and society.

Crafting Business Strategies to Respond to Georgians’ Urgent Needs

Georgia experts Frank Fernandez (CEO, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta) and Natalye Paquin (CEO, Points of Light) shared timely insights and data to help business executives as they lead.

goBeyondProfit Expert Forum: Creating a New Playbook for Leadership Communication

Senior corporate communications experts, Alicia Thompson of Randstad, Ben Deutsch (retired) from Coca-Cola and Patty Tucker of Treehouse Counsel offered practical advice on how to effectively communicate with your dispersed and distracted workforce.

CEO Forum May 2020 – Leadership Next

In dialogue with Frank Blake, Alan will share insights he’s gained from daily conversations with CEOs navigating the pandemic’s complex challenges. Join us for a front row seat into what’s needed today.

CEO Forum: Implementing Purpose In Your Daily Business

We were delighted to host over 125 CEOs, Presidents and business owners at the 2nd goBeyondProfit CEO Forum on Implementing Purpose in your Daily Business. 100% of post-event survey respondents confirmed it was valuable and worth their time! Notes were taken and we all left inspired.

CEO Forum April 2019

In Case You Missed It: goBeyondProfit hosted our first ever CEO Forum on April 23, 2019. Please take a moment to watch the highlights of this event.