goBeyondProfit Announces An Exciting Partnership with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

Dear Georgia Chamber of Commerce Business Members

Response to COVID-19 requires rapid decision-making and communication on the issues stressing business, people and communities. Now more than ever, visible corporate generosity will ease discomfort and engender loyalty for the long-term.  

We are here to help – partnering with goBeyondProfit to provide resources you need as well as visibility employees and customers will see and value. As a member of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, we are making goBeyondProfit benefits immediately available to you at no-cost.   

For instance, this quick reference Georgia Businesses Respond to the Coronavirus

As well as upcoming tools to help business leaders learn from one another, such as:  

  • Georgia Corporate Generosity Report. Data to help you demonstrate exceptional corporate character 
  • The goBeyondProfit Podcast. Timely interviews with Georgia CEOs  
  • Virtual CEO Power Chats. Conversations with an opportunity to ask specific questions 

It’s more important than ever that your people see your corporate citizenship in action. goBeyondProfit recognizes Georgia companies working to improve people’s lives– with local ads, statewide directories, social shout outs and a digital badge to help Georgians know you care.  

As we work together to ensure thriving businesses and communities, we hope you will enjoy activating goBeyondProfit benefits at no-cost.

Chris Clark

President & CEO
Georgia Chamber of Commerce