Leading a Thriving Workplace with Race in Mind

Since 2020, focusing on employees’ urgent needs became a true indicator of corporate generosity. Crisis made clear that external acts of kindness must align with internal company culture to maintain a positive reputation.

Our Telly Award-winning video series offers viewers perspective into common workplace habits, blind-spots and behaviors that often influence employees’ experience and the keys to understanding what might be missing. It has become a crucial tool for CEOs, board executives, and managers of all backgrounds to build sustained business value as a company known for generosity, inside and out. We hope you find these helpful as you lead.

Explore the Full Series

Action Steps to a Diverse Workplace

36 minute

Replay this conversation over and over to discover tried and true programs and processes to implement as well as guidance to create a customizable check list of incremental steps forward.

Beyond Bias & Blind Spots

22 minutes

In this conversation, experts help you discover hidden obstacles to realizing the ideal workplace and share actionable steps to remove the barriers to success.

Impact of Racial Inequity at Work

15 minutes

A bit of history frames the discussion that leads to practical understanding of why conversations on race are vitally important in the optimal workplace.

Featured Experts:

Darah Okeke, Esq.
President, EPIQ Consulting
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Matthew Harrison, Ph.D.
VP of Human Resources, Jackson Healthcare
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Produced in collaboration with:

Lori Geary
Lexicon Strategies

Jim Bridges

Directed by the goBeyondProfit team:

Megan McCamey
Tyler Jacobs
Patty Tucker