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Brighter Investing

Our Philosophy

We’re on a mission to make a difference on the most pressing issues our world faces – climate change and environmental degradation – through sustainable and impact investing. Think “financial advisory firm” but focused on people, planet AND profit not only in our business, but also in our clients’ investments. We invest their nest eggs in sustainable investments that support the issues they care about & drive change to create a future that isn’t just about money.

It’s about creating a world they want to live in, that they’re proud to pass on to the next generations.

We are also a legal Public Benefit firm with a fiduciary responsibility for the 3 Ps and a public benefit mission that includes financial literacy and cause education to help people become better investors and stronger advocates for the causes they care about. 

In addition, we devote a significant proportion of our time to supporting our community through advocacy, direct action, education and leadership. For example, President and Co-Founder Nancy Sagar is an Atlanta chair for the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, an international volunteer organization that former Vice President Al Gore started. She organizes events around all aspects of climate change and offers solutions for business groups, community & faith organizations, clubs, schools & the general public.

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