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Extra Mile - Goodsteps

Our Philosophy

We created GoodSteps® with the sole purpose of carrying out our mission to do good in the world and to empower people – our customers – to do good. With every (high quality, hand-made) product sold, we donate 20% of the purchase price to our incredible non-profit giving partners, MANA Nutrition and the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The work they do to fight hunger and the good they provide is why we’re here! Our customers actively participate in fulfilling our mission both by choosing GoodSteps® and by choosing which organization their give will be directed towards: they are truly shopping on purpose.

Since our launch two years ago, we have donated almost 52,000 meals to food insecure folks in Georgia via ACFB, we have been involved in their annual Hunger Walk and we have brought together groups of friends and family to volunteer with “Team GoodSteps” at their product rescue center. We have also provided over 19,000 RUTF packets to malnourished children around the world via MANA: to recover, a severely malnourished child needs 3 nutritional packets a day for 6 weeks, so our funding has provided treatment to over 115 children.

The purchase of one pair of GoodSteps® Original flip flops will provide 48 meals to a person in need or over 13 days worth of basic nutrition for one child. How will you take GoodSteps® today?

Community is paramount to the GoodSteps® mission. We’ve aspired to create a community for customers that believe in the power of seeking out and supporting businesses that do “good” as a fundamental part of their model. We truly believe in the power of the well-intentioned, purposeful purchase: that people can positively impact their communities in their everyday lives by making decisions On Purpose — including how and where to shop.

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