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Extra Mile - GreenPrint

Our Philosophy

GreenPrint works with clients to create a positive impact on the environment.  We develop and operate low carbon and reduced emission fuel programs through our patent protected platform with an initial focus on the gasoline and fleet industries. We enable our clients to build stakeholder goodwill, differentiate themselves from their competition, build customer loyalty, and win new business, while creating a net-positive impact on the environment.

“Today giving back is not just charity, it’s good business.”
– Pete David, Founder & CEO

Retail Fuel

GreenPrint enables fuel retailers, c-stores, and large oil companies to offer reduced emissions fuel programs. For every gallon of gasoline sold at our clients’ businesses, we invest proportionality in certified carbon offset project neutralizing the carbon emissions that will be emitted as you drive.

We encourage our clients to go above and beyond, and they certainly do. With a goal of having a positive impact vs. a neutral one, we invest in carbon reduction projects as well as plant trees with our partners at the Arbor Day Foundation in national forests.

Fleet Solutions

We measure our clients’ fleet’s carbon footprint, consult on best emission reduction practices, and invest in high quality certified offset projects counterbalancing their environmental impact. Further, we invest additional amounts in local tree planting and greenscape projects.

Lifecycle Analysis

GreenPrint measures the carbon footprint – a scope 3 measurement – of a company’s existing product to provide a carbon neutral product from cradle to grave. With our lifecycle analysis, we allow consumers to be comfortable in knowing that the product they are purchasing is not only carbon neutral but is in fact helping the environment as well.

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