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Our Philosophy

At Jackson Healthcare, one mission is central to both good work and the greater good:  we improve the delivery of patient care and the lives of everyone we touch.

In business, a caring culture means our associates take superior care of the customers and their patients. In our community work, we prioritize two impact areas: connecting underserved patients with needed medical care, and supporting disadvantaged children, often those orphaned or otherwise living in difficult situations.

Inherent to our business are four outreach avenues we call our “LoveLifts™” initiatives in which we mobilize Associate Volunteerism, Business Resources, Purpose Partnerships and Corporate Giving.

“In the past five years, Jackson Healthcare has embedded philanthropic outreach into every aspect of our culture. Given the dramatic internal and external benefits we’ve seen, we would advise companies to start as early as possible.”

We’re exceedingly proud of our volunteerism, partnership and donation impacts, but in addition to founding goBeyondProfit, one business mobilization story stands out.

We became aware that hundreds of humanitarian organizations caring for global orphans are unable to provide proper medical diagnosis and care for their children. The circumstances vary, but this situation limits the life opportunities for the children and potential adoptive parents.

We also know that two-thirds of U.S. doctors do volunteer work and find it beneficial in easing effects of a well-documented physician burnout trend.

There’s no profitable business model or singular oversight body to pair these orphans with doctors at scale. So Jackson Healthcare created a not-for-profit venture to fill the need.

We mobilize our healthcare staffing relationships, technologies and expertise to link children with doctors through telemedicine and other technologies. In the first year of a test pilot, Connecting Kids with Care™ facilitated nearly 800 free care encounters including adoption medical assessment, urgent and episodic care, chronic disease care plans, chart reviews with physician collaboration, and feeding and therapy plans. These diagnoses had a broad range of impacts for the children and their caregivers, attracting demand from more than 100 humanitarian organizations in 15 countries.

This effort is immensely satisfying for the physicians and our associates. Given early results, we are applying the venture for 501(c)(3) status and doubling down to help more kids in 2018 and beyond.

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