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Extra Mile - Siemens

Our Philosophy

Corporate Citizenship is Siemens’ voluntary commitment in society with the aim to advance societies by making our technology and knowledge accessible to more people around the world. We strive to create shared value in every country, in which we operate, while strengthening our business performance. We build our commitment on three pillars: access to technology, access to education, and sustaining communities.

Access to Technology
Drawing on our key competencies in digitization, automation, and electrification as well as scientific research, we strive to give as many people as possible access to the latest technologies.

Access to Education
Siemens supports the educational mission of organizations with a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), i.e. mathematics, information science, natural sciences and technology. Siemens also contributes with its own programs and initiatives, for example, the Siemens Professional Education program (SPE).

Sustaining Communities
Siemens provides urgently needed humanitarian aid after natural disasters: We give technical and financial aid to affected communities to support them in their challenges to maintain – or regain – functionality.

There is always more to be done –we are constantly pursuing new solutions and technologies that create value for society. Yet it’s truly an honor to take a moment and be recognized as a change-maker, one that is embarking on a smarter business model that re-imagines how to build new markets and contribute to a thriving society and planet.

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