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Extra Mile -- three

Our Philosophy

Three believes in building company culture through instilling a philanthropic, service-oriented mindset in all employees. We believe deeply in putting other people ahead of ourselves: there is no better way to prove our commitment than getting out and helping those less fortunate than us. 

The “giving muscle” is something that doesn’t just happen without exercise.  Use of the “giving muscle” allows it to come more naturally and you understand that giving isn’t necessarily for beneficiary but often for the giver.

“People want to work for a why, if you give them a why, that will give them a reason to give it everything they’ve got.”

-Jackson Houk, Managing Partner

One project we are very proud of is our work with Friends of Refugees. Friends of Refugees empowers refugees living in the United States through opportunities for well-being, education and employment. three donates materials, money and volunteer with the organization to help people that don’t necessarily understand how America works.

Giving back is a part of our culture, so we committed to giving back 10% of our revenue in some form of community support including donations, volunteering and in-kind donations. We think that the impact on the communities where we live are what will define us going forward.

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