Business Generosity Redefined

The Trend is Clear

When goBeyondProfit began tracking business generosity in 2019, only 47% of employees considered it important. Today, a resounding 96% of Georgians believe it’s important that the company they work for is generous.

Remarkably, there has been a sizable shift in perceived importance. In 2019, 20% of people said they cared strongly, but today, 81% say it is very or extremely important. This underscores the expectation for businesses to actively support their employees.

Business Generosity Redefined

According to executives and employees, the definition of business generosity has evolved. Traditionally, generosity meant charitable contributions and acts of service. In recent years, business generosity has expanded to include employee well-being, likely due to the pandemic and ensuing mental health crisis.

Simultaneously, an added dimension of business generosity has emerged: generosity demonstrated in the way a business operates. From internal practices and purpose to product sourcing, vendor relationships, and consumer engagement, the definition now permeates all aspects of a business.

What we know for sure is that generosity is no longer a siloed charitable activity; it must permeate all aspects of a business.

Employees Have a Clear Definition

With this expanded definition come questions about how to satisfy employees’ wishes. When it comes to generosity, employees are clear: 60% define business generosity as “going above and beyond in the way you care for your employees.”

What may surprise executives is that business operations with a positive impact on people and the planet ranked second in importance. This was followed closely by charitable donations, volunteer work, and outreach to meet community needs.

Executives in Georgia disclosed that they have a more balanced view of three aspects of generosity, with 38% thinking about employee care when they define generosity, 34% naming charitable contributions, and fewer executives (28%) selecting business operations as their go-to definition.

This report delves into the factors motivating employees’ priorities and explores how generosity fortifies businesses and guides investment into what matters most.

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