2020 goBeyondProfit Corporate Generosity Research Report

In February 2020, we gathered a second year of data about how Georgia’s executives, employees and consumers see corporate generosity. This report conveys the consistent mindset in place as society was thrown into the COVID-19 upheaval.

In this environment, business leaders need to grasp every advantage possible to protect their businesses. Insights within this report can inform timely business choices that will affect the long-term loyalty of your people and the broader community.

There will be no second chance to make today’s difficult decisions. The research shows that Georgians will reward companies that act today and contribute to the well-being of their employees and community. 

We at goBeyondProfit hope you find the data and insights helpful to your corporate generosity journey.

Executive Summary:

The second annual goBeyondProfit Corporate Generosity survey found a call for companies to understand their employees’ and consumers’ interests, an opportunity for more effective communication, and a benefit for leaders to be more visibly involved.

The landscape just before COVID-19 showed that Georgians:

  • Value Generosity: Senior leaders and employees value corporate generosity.  Leaders see that it is important to their financial health; Georgians honor it with employer loyalty and purchase behaviors. 
  • Want Alignment:  While Georgians want their personal passions to be considered, they understand and value companies’ need to align with the interests of employees, customers, the community and businesses’ skills and mission.
  • Desire Executive Visibility & Insight: Despite all audiences’ desire for CEO visibility in company’s generosity efforts, and leaders’ efforts to share information about causes, 31% of employees still know little or nothing about their employers’ causes and 35% aren’t seeing their leaders’ involvement.