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Extra Mile - Gas South

A combination of decisive leadership and clear strategy brought Gas South to an exceptional juncture where today purpose plus transparency and accountability bring remarkable benefits for their business and their community.

Our Philosophy

Gas South employees are dedicated to making an impact in the communities where we live and work. We provide employees with flexible schedules to participate in meaningful community engagement activities and events with our partner organizations. Read their 2019 Annual Report to learn more.

Corporate Community Involvement

When Gas South entered the natural gas market, we knew we could be a different kind of provider, one who’s dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives. We believe what’s most important are people — the customers we’ve come to know, the business owners we serve, and the coworkers who are family to us. We’re dedicated to making sure our success directly benefits our community. That’s why, for every dollar we make, we give back 5% to help children in need. We approach every day knowing we have an opportunity to improve people’s lives. And by putting people first, we believe we can be a fuel for good.

Fuel for Good

Being a fuel for good means transforming lives in the communities we serve and where our employees live. Gas South is dedicated to positively impacting those communities by building relationships, and inspiring philanthropy both internally and externally. We are committed to using our resources as wisely as possible to create a brighter future for children, and believe that our contributions should have a meaningful, long-lasting impact.

“We approach every day knowing we have an opportunity to improve people’s lives. And by putting people first, we believe we can be a fuel for good.”

Education Partners

Partners in Education programs have been enriching the Cobb County and Atlanta Public School educational systems for over 20 years by providing a forum where relationships are formed between area businesses, local organizations, and school systems to create support systems designed to meet the unique needs of particular schools.

Gas South is pleased to be partnered with Norton Park Elementary School in Cobb County and Atlanta Public School’s Heritage Academy Elementary School. These relationships have afforded us the opportunity to establish a presence in the educational community through participation in education programs, student incentive awards, teacher appreciation awards and career day activities. This partnership has allowed us to develop meaningful relationships and provided financial support to fund programs and opportunities for students who would otherwise not have the chance to participate. We are making a concerted effort to collaborate with our educational community to make a positive impact on the learning experience of these youth.

Gas South is also active behind the scenes providing expertise on several strategic committees including Learn for Life, Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education, and local advisory boards.

Commitment to Children In Need

Gas South is committed to giving 5% of profits back to children in need in the communities where we live, work and serve. We focus on three distinct areas within the children in need focus. They are basic needs, education, and illness/disability. Gas South has maintained key community partners such as Atlanta Food Bank, Junior Achievement, Salvation Army, United Way, Shepherd Center, The YMCA and many more. Gas South gives financial support, in kind donations and volunteer engagement to help make an impact for children in need.

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Business Collaboration

We partner with Cobb EMC to provide Literacy Week to over 44,000 students in the Cobb, Cherokee and Paulding schools each year. We also do Science Olympiads together for these schools as well. Two years ago, we won the Corporate Volunteer Council Business to Business IMPACT Award for this work and we continue to do it each year. This year, Literacy Week will be virtual so we will be bringing in live authors to school’s virtual learning programs to talk students via Zoom!

Customer Well-Being

Although this is small, our Care Center (call center) employees send notes and gift cards to customers that call in who might be going through a difficult or exciting time. For instance, if a customer calls in to turn service off because a family member has passed away, our employee will send them a hand-written note with a gift card to share our condolences. Or, if someone calls to establish service because they just got married, our employee sends a hand written note and gift card with our congratulations. Each employee is empowered to write and send these notes/gift cards at any time.

Employee Well-Being

This week we are partnering with the YMCA’s school support program to not only fund virtual learning support for our community, for but for our employee’s children as well. We conducted check-ins with all employees during this WFH period and found that one of the top “stressors” for employees was virtual learning for the fall and trying to WFH. Gas South is funding the school support program for employees 2 days a week so that they can bring their children to a YMCA location close to them to receive safe, virtual learning support and allow employees to work more efficiently those days as well as simply give them a break. We are also providing funding to the YMCA so that other parents/children in our community can utilize this incredible program as well.

Empowering Community

Gas South has partnered with United Way and the Partnership for Southern Equity to fund the Regional Resident Leaders program. This is a long-term (8) eight month leadership development program created to strengthen community knowledge of racial equity skills and strategies, and create positive neighborhood change. At the end of the program, participants are empowered to make investments (funded by Gas South) in the community based on the knowledge they’ve gained. 

Gas South has also supplied dental services for the students in our partner school, Norton Park Elementary. When talking with school leadership, one of the greatest needs of the families was dental care. The school is 80% Hispanic, 17% black, 3% white, all on free and reduced lunch. Many families do not have dental insurance and it was one of the main reasons students were absent. Gas South partnered with Georgia State University’s dental school and brought in dental screenings and cleaning to all 800 students as well as a dental education day. Our bilingual employees volunteered to pass out toothbrushes and goodies to the children and families as well as translate the parent informational session. We’ve done it 2 years in a row now and last year, Gas South was awarded the Corporate Volunteer Council Project Impact Award.

Expertise or Service Contribution

Gas South has partnered with Junior Achievement’s 3DE program for the past 3 years. Gas South supplies a case study for students at Osborne High School that the students have to solve for. We ask the students to help Gas South market ourselves better and separate us from our competition. Each year, our employees from our marketing and analytics departments volunteer for 2 months to help these students go through our case study. We then bring the students (around 120) to our company to spend a day touring, learning and giving their final presentations.

Resource Contribution

Each year Gas South gives “in-kind” donations to our non-profit partners. This includes, but is not limited to, branded items like gloves, drinkware, drawstring bags, shirts, etc.. that our marketing/promotions department has that is left over from events. Gas South also donates tickets to the Braves for our partner schools (Norton Park Elementary and Heritage Academy) and Bert’s Big Adventure families. We use tickets to other events like Disney on Ice, concerts, etc. to benefit our non-profit partners as well.

Volunteer Engagement

Gas South gives each employee 8 hours of paid time off to volunteer each calendar year. Employees volunteered over 1100 hours this past year and have been involved in virtual opportunities as of late. Most recently, employees helped create 500 food kits for Action Ministries to help feed families during the pandemic and some employees made cards of encouragement (virtually) to add to those kits. Our purpose to Be a Fuel for Good invites not only employees, but customers as well, to join in acts of service for those around them. Gas South gives 5% of profits back to children in need, so by simply paying your Gas South bill, you are giving back to your community.

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