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Vector Global Logistics

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Logistics & Supply Chain as a starting place for real change in the world
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Vector Global Logistics, and its co-founder and Managing Director Enrique Alvarez, were nominated and selected for the goBeyondProfit Champion award by fellow Georgia business leaders for their dedication to leveraging logistics to change the world. Vector’s global network responds to local needs as well as responding to humanitarian disasters, most recently aiding the residents of war-torn Ukraine.

Vector Global Logistics is dedicated to changing the world through supply chain, and that is lived out daily through our motto: logistics with purpose.

Almost everything you touch on a daily basis came from somewhere else. From the soap in your bathroom to the food in your refrigerator to the device in your pocket, in one way or another, most products are manufactured, packaged, shipped, and stored in another location. For that reason, we believe that working within the supply chain is a very simple and practical way to affect change.

Our philosophy steams from the fact that we are passionate about people. From our team to our partners to our clients and beyond, we want to improve people’s lives by building long-term relationships that are caring, supportive, and dedicated to each person’s success.

We also want every team member to be a true stakeholder in our giving, so we are focused on philanthropy at every level of the company. 

  • For every container moved, meals are donated to SERV.
  • Each office has their own charity partners that they donate to and volunteer with throughout the year.
  • Teams in every office volunteer and fundraise for nonprofits that are important to them.
  • Individuals have the ability to volunteer for their favorite nonprofits and can bring new ideas and causes to the staff’s attention for future collaboration.

“Logistics is another vehicle for changing the world.” Enrique Alvarez

Supported by our team, as well as like-minded partners, clients, and other generous individuals, together we are building a better future than our present.

For us, giving back isn’t an initiative—it’s who we are.

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