Your Employees Want You to Talk About Race — Here’s How:

In goBeyondprofit’s year-end poll, 75% of employees asked for conversations on race to happen at work. Few people find this request easy to accomplish. Even the most thoughtful leaders fear saying the wrong thing.

So, we asked the experts for help and released a video series: Leading a Thriving Workplace with Race in Mind.

Grab a notepad and download any of videos for free. Each conversation is chocked full of fresh understanding and concrete idea for realizing the best workplace you could possibly have.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

“For so long, people have felt uncomfortable acknowledging difference and speaking about it. And that’s the problem: we’re afraid to talk. We’re afraid to really connect with each other in a meaningful way and acknowledge that the past was really hard for a lot of us and we’re still suffering the effects of that.”

Darah Okeke, Esq.
President, EPIQ Consulting

Creating Spaces for Employees to Bring their Fullest Selves

“The average person spends a third of their lifetime at work. Given that we’re spending that much time at work, we definitely should be creating spaces where people are bringing their fullest and true selves.”

Matthew Harrison, Ph.D.
VP of Human Resources, Jackson Healthcare

The End Game is the Best Workplace You Could Possibly Have

“The end game is the best workplace you could possibly have. You want all your people to come to work every day excited to be there, using their most innovative minds, and being as creative, thoughtful and team-oriented as possible.”

Darah Okeke, Esq.
President, EPIQ Consulting